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DISCOVER INFINITE BANKING AND Integrate the Living Benefits of Dividend-Paying Whole Life INSURANCE into Your Financial Strategy

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Mark Hutchinson


Whether you're an individual or a business professional looking to enhance your financial future, my expertise in alternative wealth strategies is customized to suit your needs. My clients come from diverse backgrounds, including individuals and business owners with a variety of financial goals and unique aspirations. I'm committed to offering personalized guidance and solutions that align with your specific situation, making sure that the advantages of the IBC concept are within reach for everyone.

Mark Hutchinson
About Me

build predictability at any scale

Build Wealth Beyond Wall Street
Discover a unique path to wealth creation with a specialized dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. Tailored for wealth preservation, insurance protection, and rapid cash value accumulation, this approach offers unparalleled advantages and optionality. Unlock the potential of your wealth with a strategy that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

Tax-Deferred Growth and Flexible Access
Watch your cash value grow tax-deferred while maintaining the flexibility to access it through policy loans and withdrawals in a tax-free manner. Use these funds for diverse purposes—whether supplementing retirement income, funding education, investing, or launching a business.

Leverage for Opportunities
For investors and business owners eyeing real estate, syndications, partnerships, or equity plays, leverage your cash value to secure immediate loans. Enjoy non-structured terms with flexibility in repayment. Meanwhile, your collateralized cash value continues to earn a rate of return, compounding in a tax-deferred environment.

Stability in Uncertain Times
Unlike traditional investments, whole life insurance contracts are non-correlated and provide guaranteed minimum interest rates and protection against market downturns. They become a cornerstone in a comprehensive wealth strategy, encompassing tax planning, estate planning, and risk management.



collaborative process

One on one work

In the complex world of finance, where jargon and misinformation abound, I'm here to provide clarity and reliable insights. My aim is to empower you to make well-informed financial decisions while steering clear of common pitfalls.

Discover the potential of concepts like Infinite Banking (IBC) and Income For Life (IFL) with me, and let's reshape your long-term financial outlook together.

Working together we'll develop a personalized plan that not only aligns with your unique needs but also sets you on a journey towards financial efficiency and peace of mind. Take the first step with us at livingbenefits-life today and start building a brighter financial future.


If you're ready to explore how Dividend Paying Life Insurance can transform your financial plan, schedule a 30 minute introduction conversation now. I'm happy to connect and discuss the possibilities with you.


Use the Calendly calendar to choose a day and time that suits you best.


Utilizing dividend-paying participating whole life insurance as a powerful wealth strategy.
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