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Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson is a driven entrepreneur, business executive, and a seasoned insurance professional.


His approach guides you in discovering financially efficient moves you can make, understanding the consequences of suboptimal financial practices and decisions. With his insights, you'll be better prepared to avoid such pitfalls in the future.

He aims to simplify the IBC concept and demonstrate how participating Whole Life insurance, when used strategically, can have a significant positive impact on your long-term financial outlook.

By collaborating with Mark, you'll develop a tailored plan that aligns with your vision, setting you on a financial journey that is not only efficient but uniquely your own.


My journey into the world of business and finance began four decades ago within the steel industry. Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to building and leading businesses at the highest levels of management, constantly refining my expertise. I have always been an avid investor and financially curious which led me away from traditional finance and into alternative wealth strategies.

The global economic crisis of 2008 was the last straw for me. Like many others, I suffered significant losses and realized the importance of finding strategies that could remove market risk, preserve capital and create balance in my financial life. This led me to explore the world of insurance, where I quickly discovered the IBC concept, and with it the many benefits that a properly constructed life insurance contract can offer.

Over the years, I have guided both individuals and business clients through the intricacies of conventional finance, debunking myths and addressing misconceptions, especially in relation to Whole Life insurance. When I tailor a policy, I do so with careful consideration of each client's unique needs, taking into account factors such as premiums, dividends, cash value, and, perhaps most importantly, the death benefit. This approach is designed to help you attain a more predictable financial outcome, bringing a sense of stability and control to your financial world.


Mark Hutchinson is a seasoned executive with over four decades of invaluable experience in the steel industry. Throughout his dynamic career, Mark has not only excelled as an entrepreneur but also as a business executive and a respected insurance professional.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial turbulence, Mark's life took a transformative turn when he discovered the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This revelation profoundly altered his approach to wealth and finance. Since then, Mark has been passionately committed to reshaping his clients' financial perspectives and uncovering concealed truths.

Mark's approach is centered on simplifying the IBC concept and illustrating how strategically utilizing participating Whole Life insurance can make a substantial and positive impact on your long-term financial horizon.

Green Leaves
 “I began my journey with Mark back in 2014, and the experience has been invaluable. Having a properly setup dividend paying whole life policy was the missing piece of the puzzle that I can now utilize in conjunction with an overall wealth building strategy (401k’s, IRA’s, etc.) Over the years, he has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge around the IBC concept, and has consistently been there as a reliable resource, ensuring that I make informed decisions regarding my policy. As an engineer, I asked a lot of questions on loans, PUA’s, dividends, etc, and Mark was able to address them right there on the phone during the many conversations we had. If you're considering working with Mark, I wholeheartedly endorse him – his passion and commitment are truly unmatched.”

Darren Bonner, Engineer, Houston, TX

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